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Canola Oil Pretreatment Pre-pressing MachineCanola oil, or canola for short, is a vegetable oil derived from rapeseed that is low in erucic acid, as opposed to colza oil. Consumption of the oil has become common in industrialized nations. It is considered safe for people to eat. It is also used as a source of biodiesel....

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We have been specialized in canola oil extraction plant. We can offer whole line of canola oil plant with turnkey service, capacity from 5 to 6000TPD. For special capacity, our engineers can help you to design and install canola oil plant according to your real conditions.

Introduction of Complete Set of Canola Oil Pretreatment &Prepressing Machine

Canola oil plant starts with rapeseed, with oil content 40%, more or less. Same with other common oilseeds, there are four main sections of canola oil plant, including pretreatment &prepressing section, solvent extraction section, refinery section anddewaxing, winterization section.

Pretreatment and prepressing section is the basic parts for a rapeseed oil mill plant.This section includes:cleaning,crushing,softening,flaking,roaster etc process to adjust the peanut seed into the best condition for oilpressing,easy to press oil out and easy for next production section.

Process Flow of Canola Oil Pretreatment & Pre-pressing Machine

Canola oil processingis a complicated process. Following preconditioning, canola seeds are next crushed and flaked before being heated slightly. These processes help to maximize oil recovery. The canola flakes are then "prepressed" in screw presses or expellers to reduce the oil content from about 42% in the seed (on an 8% moisture basis) to between 16-20%. Screw pressing also compresses the flakes into more dense cakes (called "press cake") which facilitates oil extraction.

Rapeseed → cleaning → softening → flaking → cooking → pressing → pressed canola oil + pressed cake

Introduction of Canola Oil Production

Canola oil plant is the main machine to produce rapeseed oil,The full set of canola oil plant mainly includes: canola oil pretreatment machine, canola oil extraction machine and canola oil refinery machine.The oil residue in cake after prepressing will be about 15%, oil residue in meal after solvent extraction plant will be less than 1%. Canola oil refinery machine is mainly to refine the crude oil comes from prepressing machine and solvent extraction machine,after refining,the oil can meet with first grade GB standard.

Below are some pictures of canola oil plant, the first one is canola oil pressing plant

The production of edible vegetable oils including canola oil involves two overall processes, mechanical pressing and extraction, and further processing to remove impurities. The techniques used are similar for most vegetable oils produced from the seeds of plants.

How does the canola oil pressprocess work?
Step 1: Cleaning machine——The main function of cleaning is to remove mechanical impurities in rapeseed.
Step 2: Softening machine——Softening is to adjust the temperature and moisture of rapeseed with steam.
Step 3: Flaking machine——Flaking uniforms oil seeds to thin cake, which benefits oil pressing and extraction.
Step 4: Cooking machine——Cooking reduces moisture in flakes, which is much easier to press oil out from oil seeds.
Step 5:Pressing machine——The final products of this section is just pressed canola oil and pressed oil cake.

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